A sure way to EBITDA betterment

At Procserve we unashamedly pursue the betterment of EBITDA for our customers through procurement savings in both cost and efficiency that comes from implementing our eMarketplace, the Procserve Commerce Network.

The audience for this message are the CPOs of organisations large and small who, for the first half of 2014 at least, have in the main been too busy to hear it!

As Chief Commercial Officer for a software company I fully understand the pressures of the day job, but if someone told me they could improve my company’s EBITDA by 10% and only ask me to invest the equivalent of 10% of those savings in order to get it, I would proverbially bite their hand off and have no choice but to listen to their proposition.

On average every pound saved is the same as £16 of revenue generation†, so we think it’s worth putting in a little effort to make those savings! Procserve understand that this effort needs to come from both you and us; that’s why we commissioned BDO LLP†† to validate the savings we make for our customers. Furthermore, we offer our clients one of our top Procurement Consultants for half a day to further validate those savings within your organisation and map them directly to the improvement of your EBITDA. We do this for free and with no obligation.

So if you can spare 1 hour of your time, be willing to share some basic data markers about your spend and existing procurement processes, we will show you just how well we invest that hour and how you could improve your EBITDA by 10%.

†IBM Procurement: Optimizing savings and mitigating risk in a complex world
††BDO International is the fifth-largest accountancy firm in the world


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